A Butcher, A Baker and A BIG MESS Maker! (Intro)

Why I’ve decided to blog

The main reason for starting this blog up again is because I wanted a place to document my life now as a mum; partly as a diary and also to share the things I’ve learnt and felt was useful from my experiences so far.  I hope it might help another mummy out there who just wants to hear it from another perspective.  For me I found it so helpful at the beginning to know that I wasn’t alone, and I still love reading how other mums are doing it and sharing their stories so I thought why not join in 🙂

I also hope this blog will help keep myself organised and motivated.  I’d like to set myself goals and challenges because now my days are so busy looking after Oscar, I’ve found I need to be super efficient with my time if I don’t want to ignore my own passions.

So this is my introduction page for anyone who wants to know what I did before becoming a mummy (not extremely interesting but here goes!):

Who Am I?

  • I was born in S.E. London.  My parents are from Hong Kong.  I’m 30 years old.
  • I try to be healthy with my food & life choices, but on the other hand I’m a massive chocoholic & can’t go for very long without the stuff… it’s all about balance!
  • I love a mountain.  I love elephants.  I love a nice walk.
  • I’ve not had a very straight career path.  Instead I’ve had a whole bunch of different jobs that have each shaped me in some way or form; from working in a Chinese takeaway (like most other 1st generation BBCs) to working in a Sex Clinic (yep!), to packing cheese (yep again!), selling mobile phones & broadband, waitressing, voiceover work, teaching English, marketing, to being a bread and cake baker (I did at long last find my passion!).
  • I’m currently a SAHM.  I know that I’m more than ‘just a mum’ but my life is kind of all about our wee little boy now, & I’m loving all the precious moments with him!

“Whatever you are, be a good one” – Abraham Lincoln

After living in England for 22 years, I moved to China to study Mandarin at the infamous Beijing Language and Culture University.  I had such an amazing time there learning about the traditions of my ancestors, meeting people from all over the world, eating everything, learning a lot about myself, and best of all, meeting my now-husband!

Boy Meets Girl… via WeChat

IMG_4831I met Jonny on my phone.  Maybe that will be a blog post later!  But in brief, he thought I was from China (he’s from Wigan), discovered I wasn’t, we started chatting and basically never stopped.  He is my soul mate, my everything guy, and he keeps me calm and supports me even when I’m being loco!  We’ve done some cool things together like starting our own pork scratching business in Shanghai and catering business in Hong Kong, travelled to some lovely places, been on many a bike ride and hike.  But the biggest common love we have is that for food, glorious food; which our lives have always seemed to IMG_4839revolve around.  When we met, Jonny was an audio engineer and I was working in sales and marketing for a language school.  After applying for a job on a whim, he became a butcher in Shanghai (we had relocated for my job), and he was able to self-teach himself a whole new load of skills of which I am so massively proud of.  You can see all his amazing butchery stuff  here.  Because of him I was brave enough to change my own career direction (I was working as an English tutor at the time) & took up a professional baking course at the Hong Kong Culinary Academy and became a baker (first in an artisan bread bakery specialising in sourdough, and then a cupcake-centred bakery/ cafe).  When we left Hong Kong, he was Head Butcher in a top steak house and I was Head Baker for a leading health-conscious bakery, and I will always be proud of how we got there together.

And then nothing was the same ever again…


Fast forward some time then, we got married in Hong Kong and then a bit after coming back from our honeymoon in Sri Lanka I discovered I was pregnant… To those of you who may already know about my inability to plan, you’ll probably not be surprised to hear that I didn’t know I was pregnant until 13 weeks… I will share about that soon!  My pregnancy was a short one… I missed my entire first trimester… and then Baby Oscar decided to show up 3 weeks early!

IMG_5433In that time, we decided to move back to the UK with our two cuddle cats after 6.5 years in Asia (packing for this was NOT FUN), we fitted in a small Baby Moon in Taiwan before the move, then Jonny started his new job in Suffolk, England and we found a house to rent and started our new life in a city I had never even visited (Jonny had visited once before).  It was a new chapter, a new adventure, and also a little bit daunting as we were not near immediate family and we definitely felt a reverse culture shock moving back.  Also the fact that we were about to become parents and our lives were to change forever!!

Welcome baby 🙂


Oscar Ron Farrell was born on November 12th 2017, weighing 5lb 6oz and 47cm long. I will write in more depth about my birth story in another post soon.  He’s our little miracle baby and the best surprise I’ve ever had.  Like any other parent, we think our boy is just perfect.  But it’s true, the newborn stage was a nightmare, it was quite a blur but I do remember the important bits, especially the non-stop crying.  Getting started on breastfeeding was one of the hardest things I have ever done (aside from the whole actual pushing a baby out of me thing), but I am proud to have persevered and to still be breastfeeding him now.  I have shared my story about it here.  At 8 months old now he is so full of personality and it’s hard to remember the days when he would simply stay put.

He learnt to roll around 3 months, crawl at 6.5 months and is now so speedy over obstacles, wanting to tackle anything in his path and he just very much enjoys standing every chance he can get.  He looooves his food, and I love preparing it for him- I hope I can share his favourite recipes here too.  He loves other babies and smiles at every stranger with the warmest, cutest smile ever.  I get sad when someone doesn’t smile back and I start worrying about the future when he realises the world is not always such a happy place.  I just want to protect him and only show him the good, I’m sure every parent must think like this.


His laugh makes everything inside of me weak and I do not know how many hours in total I have stared at his beautiful face and toes and starfish hands.  I was never one of those maternal women dreaming about their first child, I really didn’t get what the big deal was about babies before Oscar.  But now, here I am starting a mummy blog!  This love is incomparable and so deep and I feel so blessed to have the pleasure of wiping his bum every day! I’m the proudest mother and going on this whole journey with my supportive and hands-on husband, I just feel so very lucky.


And so that is a quickish summary of where I am right now.  I am on this journey of motherhood and loving it though undoubtedly there are so many ups and downs.  I’m loving each stage and learning as I go along as with all the other first time mummies.  Is it just me or is everyone else obsessed with asking how old every stranger’s babies are now and how well they sleep…!?  If you have reached this far, congrats and brace yourself for some funny stories about me not knowing I was pregnant… and why Baby Oscar had to come out earlier than expected.

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