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It’s Amy here.  My then-boyfriend (Jonny) and I began this blog in 2016 to document some of the meals we had created together as a butcher and a baker couple living overseas in Hong Kong… well life got a bit busy and fast forward 2 years, we are now married with our little son, Oscar Ron, and we have relocated back to the motherland, England! EDIT: We now have 2 little boys, Oscar and Felix 🙂  

Why re-start this blog? 

When we found out we were pregnant, we moved out of the expat bubble we were in after having lived abroad for nearly 7 years (in Beijing, Shanghai & Hong Kong) and where life was mainly shaped by nights outs/ adventures/ bike rides/ what colour I should dye my hair/ the love of food!  Since I’m the youngest in my family with basically zero experience with babies (I probably only held 2 babies in my life before my son!), I started to look to the internet for resources (HELP! REASSURANCE! TIPS!).

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After having looked up to many mummy blogs online all this time I have decided to share my own stories to add to this exponentially increasing mass of other mummy info out there in the hope that my experiences may also help another new mummy like me.  In all honesty, I’ve become a bit obsessed now with reading other accounts of births and pregnancies and how other mums are doing it, so I thought why not join in 🙂 You can read my intro page here.

Also I love the idea of having a creative outlet (I feel like I need it more than ever these days!) so I hope to use this space to document our cooking, the projects we do as well as all the baby stuff.

I hope you enjoy the stories, and feel free to drop me a message 🙂

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Latest Posts

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I love these muffins! Please note I have adapted this recipe for baking for my children and converted it to UK metric measurements for ease. These are perfect as an on-the-go snack as well as for breakfast. They are easy to make with your little ones as you only need a spoon and two bowls!  […]

Standout Pieces In Our Teal and Copper Bedroom

Our bedroom and ensuite was renovated from scratch when we moved into our house one and a half years ago, but we are still adding pieces to it to make it ours! I’ve written about what changes we’ve made and my favourite features. Also I wanted to share the lessons I have learnt in the […]

Playing with Bread And Toast

This activity cost me 20p and kept my child entertained for over 2 hours. It was so simple and fun that I thought I would share about it! I had seen an activity involving building towers our of toast somewhere, so I decided to pick up some cheap white bread the next time I was […]

How To Fix A Split Nail With A Teabag!

So I went to paint my nails which had grown pretty long the last couple of months (did you know that nails grow faster in the sunshine due to more exposure to vitamin D?) when of course, one of my nails split… right down the middle… to the nail bed! Why does one nail always […]


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